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 2010 Pure Stock Rules Regulations and Procedures Vacuum test 12 inches

  1. Safety: Four or five point safety belts and shoulder harness required. SFI approved full fire suit. Helmets are required and must be Snell SA90 or SA95. Helmet must be worn at all times car is on the track and must accompany vehicle at time of inspection. NO open face helmets at all. Belts must be mounted to cage. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked "OFF" and "ON". 360-degree drive shaft loop is required and must be constructed of at least .25 inches by two inch steel and should be mounted six inches back from front of drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white. All cars must have a racing seat fastened to roll cage, NOT bolted to the floor board. Neck collar is mandatory and must be worn anytime car is on track. Seat belts must be dated, within two years. NO EXCEPTIONS. Car must have fire extinguisher, with gauge, properly mounted and not taped. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Body: 1960 or newer American made stock passenger automobile with factory steel top. Sunroofs and T-tops must be reinforced and enclosed. All bodies must be OEM. No wings or anything that alters the stock appearance. . All hoods and trunks must be securely fastened and the back of hood must be sealed off from diver's compartment. No external rub rails allowed. All sharp edges, torn fender and body panels to be repaired prior to next race. Must have a minimum of three windshield bars in front of driver. Ballast allowed. Ballast must be painted white with car number on it and securely mounted. All glass, plastic, upholstery, rear seat, lights, mirrors, and chrome removed. No interior tin or other covers. All doors must be secured shut. (Welded, chained, bolted, etc.) The front inner wheel wells may be removed, but not the rear wheel wells. Rear wheel wells must be stock. No aluminum body panels, hoods or roofs. No rear spoilers unless stock for make and model of vehicle. Must be completely stock firewall & floor panels to rear trunk area.
  3. Frame: 101" is the minimum. Unibodies must be tied-rear frame to front frame. No station wagons, convertibles, four-wheel drive or rear engines. Bumpers must be in stock location. Front and rear bumpers must be capped to fender the width of the bumper. No X in frame railing. Driver must be in stock position, not back by quarter post.

4   Roll Cage: A full perimeter four post roll cage with an X-brace in rear and rear        kickers must be used. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment. Fire   retardant padding recommended. Roll cage must be securely welded to frame. Must have minimum of one cross bar in top halo of roll cage. Minimum .095 inch tubing at least 1 1/2 inch outside diameter for cages and door bars. Three total door bars on both sides are mandatory. Minimum of four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver side three on passenger side. Must have tow hook front and rear. Front hoops allowed. May have two bars for protection in front of radiator, behind bumper, within confines of body, no wider than stock frame horns. Absolutely no square tubing or galvanized pipe allowed. Fuel cell protection bar may be used, mounted frame rail to frame rail, no higher than the fuel cell and inside the trunk area. Maximum 1.75 inch pipe.


5. Battery: Battery must be mounted in a metal frame away from driver compartment or in marine style case. Battery can’t be in the driver’s compartment.
6. Fuel: Gasoline only. Must have fuel cell. Must be securely fastened inside trunk of car. Must be mounted no lower than middle of rear differential. Firewall must be between driver and fuel cell. All cell mounts must be steel and securely attached to frame/cage. No adjustable fuel cell mounts. Check valve recommended. Fuel lines through driver compartment must be in steel pipe or conduit.
7. Brakes: OEM brakes on all four wheels must work at time of inspection. Disc Brakes are optional. No brake bias adjusters permitted.
8. Suspension: Must be original type suspension and match the frame. No street stock shocks. No heims joint shocks. Shocks must remain in stock position. Racing springs must be 5 or 51/2 inch, no coil over springs. No J-bars or adjustable trailer arms. No slider springs. No spacer chains allowed. No screw jacks or jack bolts allowed front or rear. No aftermarket tubular upper or lower control arms. No pull bars of any type.
9. Car Number: Must be clearly marked on both sides of car, 24-inch height and three-inch stripe width, must also have car number on roof at least 18-inch height and three-inch strip width. Number must also be on front and back of car. If number is not legible from score tower, car will not receive points or pay from that nights events.
10. Drive Train: Transmission must be OEM automatic with functional torque converter, or OEM single disc-type clutch on manual transmission. All forward and reverse gears must be operational. Torque converter must have a minimum 1/8-inch plug. No bert or racing transmissions. No direct drives. No triple disk clutches. Must have stock transmission mount and cross member. No truck rear ends allowed. Rear end may be welded. Rear suspension must match frame. Nine (9) inch Ford rear end is allowed in all vehicles.Floater Rear-ends allowed. All rear ends must have stock suspension mounts, in stock location. Drive shaft must be painted white. Automatic transmissions must be able to idle in all forward and reverse gears and not stall.

  1. Tires and Wheels: Stock (OE) 60's or 70's D.O.T., 14-inch or 15-inch passenger tires only. No mud, racing, recapped, diamond back, fancy, exotic, trick gumball tires allowed. No softening, sipping or grooving allowed. Spoke steel wheels allowed. Maximum eight-inch wheel. Reinforcing of stock wheels recommended. One inch lug nuts required. Racing wheels are allowed, steel only. Bead lock on right rear only. No aluminum wheels.
  2. Steering: Must be stock steering parts OEM parts or stock style replacement parts for make and model of car. Quick steer is optional.


  1. The engine must have stock style block for vehicle manufacture and in the original mounts. No aftermarket blocks ( Dart or etc ) (Chevy for Chevy , Ford for Ford etc) No porting or polishing or alterations of any kind to heads or intake. Must have stock valve covers.  Must have  motor mounts, in stock position. No aluminum heads. No dome pistons. Engines may be scoped, at anytime. Compression test may be run.
  2. Must have OEM cast iron intake. Factory stamped and firing order, on aluminum intakes ( OEM aluminum intakes only no exceptions). Exhaust must extend past the firewall. Must remain dual exhaust, no crossover or Y pipes. Air cleaners, must remain, under hood (no holes in hoods). Must have stock firewall. Stock style distributors for make of vehicle only.
  3. Vacuum T must be outside of hood, for easy testing.
  4. No electrical fuel pumps allowed. No aluminum flywheels. Aluminum radiators will be allowed. Any overflow tubes are to be directed to the ground, inside frame rails.
  5. All cars must run a stock two barrel or four barrel carburetor. Holley single line carburetors are allowed, no double pumpers, but must run stock exhaust manifolds. Headers are allowed, with stock carburetor. All exhaust must run, up under car, past firewall. No weed burners or over the frame rail headers allowed. May remove choke, but no other alterations allowed. Dual lines carburetors must be secondary vacuum. No Elderbrocks. Quadrajet carb with headers and Holley with stock exhaust manifolds only. No carb spacers allowed. Adapter plates only allowed to make carb fit vehicle as per rules.
  6. Cars will be inspected. During inspection, car and driver/owner only. The top 5 cars in Feature will be teched. Any car not going through tech inspection before going back to their pits will be DQ'd for that event. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  7. We will vacuum test cars, before and after races. We will hook up gauge and check one time no adjstments can be made after any races to make vacuum or slow idle. Vacuum must be 12 iches or above steady no bouncing above and below. If you are found with illegal parts after a race, you will be DQ.
  8. Must having a working tach (mandatory), and pull 12 inch of vacuum at 1000 rpm. at any inspection time. (STRICTLY ENFORCED). No vacuum pumps or vacuum canisters of any kind.


  1. Parents are responsible for any driver under the age of 18 and must have a signed waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. Just because the rule is not in writing does not make it legal. Official’s decision is final.
  4. Any driver, owner, pit crew, or anyone associated with a car who enters the scoring tower or flag stand will be suspended. No entering pit tower or hassling pit tower workers over track calls. This could result in loss of points and pay for that night’s event or for season. This is at the discretion of the track owners and all decisions will be final.
  5. Any physical contact with any track staff or track official at Skyline Speedway will result in permanent suspension at the track.
  6. Any car missing their Heat race will start the tail of the Consi. If no Consi they will tag the tail of the last heat race. If you do not run a Heat race or a Consi you will not start the feature. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. Any other unusual situations that may arise, the decision will be made by the track officials.
  8. Any individual caught drinking or using any kind of illegal substance while in the pits and/or with the intention of driving will be suspended for 2 weeks.
  1. They are intended to be used as a guideline and are in NO way a guarantee against injury or death to its participants.
  2. Anything not covered should be checked with officials before proceeding.


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